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Mid-Life Transitions

Mid Life can sneak up on you. 


You're just going about your business, pursuing your career, furthering your education or training, maybe raising a family, involved with relationships, travel, hobbies....then all of a sudden you look up and your facing the autumn bridge to mid-life.  This can be disorienting to find yourself here, facing new challenges, new questions, and the loss of your previous life as you've known it for long.  

You will likely face grief and loss for the first time in mid-life or have more losses to contend with than you did as a younger person.  Long-term relationships and marriages are complicated.  You might be struggling in your partnership, going through a separation or divorce. Maybe your partner is ill or has recently died. 


If you have children, they are moving on to the next stages of their lives and you are constantly adjusting to their changing needs.  If you never had kids, you may have new feelings about that in mid-life.


Parents and loved ones are aging and in need of more care which can bring up complex emotions about those relationships. 

Mid-life can be a challenging time of loss but also rich with the fruits of your labor.  


You might be at the top of your game professionally,  more financially secure and be pursuing hobbies and interests with more time and resources.  You might feel more comfortable and confident with who you are than you were in your 20's, freeing you up socially. 


Whatever you are facing in mid-life, our work can help you to make sense of this stage of life, find deeper meaning and purpose in the life you have and grieve losses in order to move forward with acceptance and appreciation.

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